Being you & being me!

My name is Ann-Sofie Fryxell. I am a gut feeling oriented and creative photographer based in the village of Virsbo in the middle part of Sweden. 

My philosophy is simple: photos should be seen within the heart - from start to finish. How is this possible? I think my clients are the best ones to answer that question but in a broad sense its all about getting a connection and capturing the real deal, the authentic situations - you - in your comfortable every day situation doing your thing.

If we are the perfect match? Let's find out! If our gut feeling is saying "yes" - then we will both get the best results. If I'm not the photographer for you I have many of colleagues that come highly recommended. 

Grab a cup of coffee or a Skype/FaceTime-meeting to start with? 

Hope to hear from you soon!


Ann-Sofie Fryxell

Branding - Business Development - Photographer

Tele: +46(0)73-757 41 86


Instagram: aFryxellPhoto  

Facebook: A Fryxell Photography

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