With a professional background in marketing and project development/management I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with several businesses in different development phases. To make sure you are using images reflecting your offer I recommend putting together a business plan - getting to know your brand is great fun and the way to start in showing the world the greatness of your brand. 

Brand personality

All positive personal development begins with getting to know yourself. This is as true for your brand personality as it is for you. 

Get started by defining your business idea, vision, goals and strategies to reach them. Also put down in writing the personality characteristics, brand key words and identify who your dream client is. Explore marketing and sales channels that suits your needs. 


Client identities 

To find your match the next step is to do a client analysis. Who? Where? When? How? What interests them?. What channels and words are they using when trying to find your brand? 

By answering these questions, make to do lists and then follow through -  your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will raise & you can be proud you are working hard to make it easier for clients to find you. 


Photo & Communication

The third and last step is to put it all in an action plan. What do you need to do and when? How will you do it? Maybe you need to launch a new web site or be more active on social media. 

Maybe you have a cool production process - show before and after photos. If your clients are interested in the process - tell that story.  Then present this in a way you and your potential client can relate to.